Todd helps entrepreneurs and leaders lean more fully into their truth - unlocking new possibilities and leadership capabilities to create a better future, while also shedding the stories that are no longer of service.

His experiences founding multiple startups, raising venture capital, and leading rapidly growing teams provides the backdrop for a deep empathy for today’s leaders and the challenges that they face. It was within his most recent business, Twenty20, where he came to realize the power that a coaching stance can bring to an individual and organization.

Today, he chooses to work with CEOs, founders, and organizational leaders at all stages of their journey – from delicate, intentional new beginnings to the whirlwind of a rapidly scaling business.

Todd holds a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering and a MBA both from the University of Michigan and is certified as a transformational coach by Leadership That Works.

He currently lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle with his wife and two young children, spending the majority of their time between Ann Arbor, Boulder, and Los Angeles.