Dan McKee is an experienced coach and facilitator of leadership and human development, with nearly forty years dedicated to learning what it is that allows us to grow in depth, usefulness and life-contentment.

For the last twenty years he has translated knowledge in the fields of leadership, psychology, and practical spirituality into practice as a coach and guide that supports the cultivation of focused, powerful and generative leadership. Working with individuals and teams, Dan helps bring forward the clarity of purpose and direction that leads to purposeful action through the gateways of rigorous authenticity, honesty, strategic leadership and empathy.

In Dan’s broad experience, every leader, team and organization is constantly – if conscious – facing the choices that either serve to enlarge the lives and mission at hand, or those choices that conspire to repeat the old patterns of safety and reinforce the smaller vision. In this way, knowing what truly matters most -- and the courage to act on it -- are the most-needed leadership tools to cultivate in coaching.

Dan has trained for the last thirty years in numerous models and schools of coaching and humanistic psychology and is an expert at using and teaching the Enneagram and Meyers –Briggs typologies in ways that provide real and practical effectiveness.

Client work over the last ten years has included one on one executive coaching,  executive leadership teams work, and organizational culture projects, for organizations such as REI, Initiative for Global Development Leaders, Zoomcare, Pacific Marketing International, Microsoft and select national level government leaders.

Dan lives on Whidbey Island, Washington and when not traveling for work or visiting adult daughters scattered around the globe, spends most of his time hiking or motorcycle traveling in beautiful places.