Every business, like an individual, has a unique identity based on its essence – or soul – that is experienced internally through the culture.

To sustain the company’s essence and build a thriving business, leaders’ behaviors, team dynamics, and organizational culture and systems must all be aligned and driven by the company’s purpose and values. At Evolution,we think of these as the three dimensions of business, what we call “I”, “We”, and “It”.


I – We – It

The nature of “why the business exists” is rooted in value creation, not profit. We believe that developing consciousness at all levels of the organization: the individual (“I”), the relational (“We”) and the procedural and structural (“IT”) is the key to driving outstanding, sustainable results and increased benefits for all of a company’s stakeholders.

Evolutionary businesses recognize the interconnectedness of the I-, We-, and It- dimensions. A change in leaders’ levels of consciousness affects interactions between individuals and provides subtle yet transformative cultural shifts. Creating alignment in organizational structure, processes, systems and governance with the overall essence of a business ensures the business will maintain its course and successfully achieve its purpose.

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Be – Do – Have

Culture is organizational anthropology.  It is not just about the foosball tables and free food, culture is all of the subtle interactions, structures, roles, and values that guide how people work. It is built through social interactions and sustained through internal and external stories.

At Evolution, we work with companies through a process of “Be – Do – Have” to discover what makes them unique and what triggers behavior and performance.

A company’s essence (BE) determines what they DO and drives the results they HAVE.