Jasper Weir
Jasper Weir, President, Task Us

I consider executive coaching as important as making an executive hire, so I interviewed 4 coaches before deciding to work with Matt and Evolution, and it was a great decision.

Matt helped me dig deep to help me discover who I am as a leader and a person. He helped me establish a framework for decision making that’s far more valuable than the standard tactical coaching that only addresses surface level issues. Our work was nothing short of transformational on a business and personal level.

Mike Farley
Mike Farley, CEO, Tile

Evolution was instrumental in helping us articulate our culture and building the necessary framework around it to help us scale successfully. They truly understand the needs of start-ups and the cultural challenges they face.

Ann Toth
Anne Toth, Slack

Evolution has been an essential partner to slack in helping us to distill what makes us unique, articulate those core values, and then build leadership and employee programs that reflect and reinforce that essence.

Eldon Mayer
Eldon Mayer, Senior Vice President, Questcor Pharmaceuticals

I have worked with Evolution continuously for well over a year, as have many of the senior people on my team, and I highly recommend Geoff, Matt and the team at Evolution. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Geoff has been very effective as an executive coach, and he and the others at Evolution have greatly supported us with leadership development. Evolution has had a significant impact on our organization and many of its senior leaders.

John Doyle
John Doyle, Chief Operating Officer, Castlight Health

Evolution has been instrumental in cultivating our leadership team’s dialogue about what makes Castlight unique and distilling those insights into clear actions we can take to continue reinforcing and building our culture during a time of rapid growth.

Amit Shah
Amit Shah, Head of Operations and Customer Success at Virta Health

I found a tremendous amount of value working with Matt and Evolution. Specifically, he gave me the the opportunity to reflect in a structured way and helped me create practical strategies to deploy when I was most at risk of acting out of my leadership values. Over time, he helped me habitualize those behaviors and I was able to gain a high level of trust and responsiveness from the team I worked with.